MAR brand identity balances on the edge. It is elegant and timeless, yet it takes unexpected turns, pushing boundaries to explore the new. From elegant appearances of delicate fabrics to powerful experimental twist of the sculpted silhouettes, MAR is highlighting feminine beauty through contrasts. Visual language of the brand is a mixture of contrasting characteristics: bold and light, wild and calm, raw and fine. MAR visual identity is perfectly imperfect and balanced. Clean freely layered typography, orderly lines disrupted with twists, angular cuts and uneven folding lines elegantly re-translate sculptured silhouettes of Marmar Halim designs. Balance Rawness of the elements, imperfections, contrasts and messy layouts come balanced in MAR visual language. This is what makes it elegant and opulent. The cut From text positioning, to uneven cuts and folding lines MAR visual system always experiments with sculpturing shapes of materials. These cuts and angles can be bold and loud, or also discreet and noticeable only when you take a closer look. Powerful MAR visual language is bold, powerful and energetic.

One Shoulder Pleated Chiffon Couture Long Dress7800

Draped Roseya Corset10080

Pleated Chiffon Couture Long Dress12800

Pleated Chiffon Couture Long Dress9000

Mikado Couture Long Dress12800

Draped Roseya Couture Short Dress4950

Pleated Taffeta Couture Long Dress7880

Mikado Couture Long Dress8900

Pleated Taffeta Couture Long Dress18000

Pleated Chiffon Couture Long Dress13990

Taffeta Couture Long Dress9800

Pleated Chiffon Couture Long Dress6850